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Other Products...
Hearing aid remotes help the wearer control the hearing aid on the fly. Anything from changing the memory to adjusting the volume of sound into the ear. Changing the volume for different situations like the TV, in church, or a business meeting, can help the wearer get the most out of the product. Remotes can also work with cell phones, insuring the voice on the other end is heard clearly.
Media streamer
A media stream does exactly that, connects the hearing aid directly to you're TV or sound system bringing the sound rite into your ears without any wire or wearing any headphones. Imagine watching TV with perfect hearing no matter where you are sitting in the room or whatever you're doing, hear the TV while doing the dishes, picking up around the living room. Adding a remote to this can only make this easier!
The Amp 
The Amp is a personal amplification device different from a traditional hearing aid because The Amp is one size, nothing custom but is digital, and programmable, making it a great alternative. The Amp is great for first time hearing aid wearers because it is cost effective and simple.