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Custom-Fitted Hearing Protection & Earmolds in Central Ohio

The shape of your outer ear and ear canal are unique to you.
Earmolds are typically used for one of two reasons
  • ​To keep things out (noise and water are the two big issues)
  • To keep things in (amplified sound from a hearing aid)
To obtain the maximum benefit from an earmold, you need the best fit possible and that is exactly why we offer custom-made earmolds. Working in loud enviroments can damage your hearing much more quickly than most of us realize, the noise from machines, heavy equipment, and tools that many use everday can and will over a peroid of time cause permanent damage to their hearing. It is so important to protect the hearing we do have. Hearing protection comes in many shapes and size. Call today and tell us about your needs!  

Custom Earmolds

  • iPod earbuds
  • Hunting
  • Musician’s earplugs
  • Swim molds (for swimming or showering)
  • Noise protection
  • Hunter’s earplugs for shooting