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The Gift of Hearing...
House of Hearing... Our family is committed to helping the hearing impaired. Wether that is here at home in Central, Ohio or on the other side of the world... We will do everything we can to make an impact no matter how small. House of Hearing participates in the Hear Now program fitting those without the means to afford Hearing Aids rite here in Central Ohio. Taking care of all the patients needs for the life of the product. We are a regular presence at local health fairs, and county fairs to raise public awarness of hearing loss and affect it has on the community and loved ones. Our family is an Angel Sponsor of the Starkey Hearing Foundation, donating $25 per hearing aid sold. Allowing us the honor to participate in Foundation Mission trips around the world and fit hearing aids first hand to the population. Most recently James Nevins and Mark Taylor, spent 14 days in China in August of 2016 fitting men, women and children in three different cities. House of Hearing also had the honor of being part of missions in Veitnam, Peru, and Brazil.    

China 2016
James A. Nevins and Mark Taylor, China August 2016
Article in a local paper about our trip to China.
     The Starkey Hearing Foundation has earned a worldwide reputation for gifting million of children and the underprivileged with hearing aids while providing a wide range of humanitarian services  across America and more than 100 countries. These include the most desolate, dangerous and remote places on earth. So …an opportunity to go to Communist China was both irresistible and as it turned out, an experience of a lifetime for local hearing aid specialist Jim Nevins and his grandson Mark Taylor Kraft.
     The foundations 12 day China mission helped hearing impaired patients from Suzhou, Xuzhou and Suqian in the Jiangsu province of China from July 28th to August 8th. Twenty Hearing aid specialists and Audiologists from across the country managed an amazing team effort in record breaking 105 degree heat.  According to Nevins, this experience was a highlight of his 48 year Hearing Aid career.  He described an endless line of severely hearing impaired people, often void of personality or communication skills because they had simply, never had help for their impairment. Within minutes, many people mislabeled as  “deaf and dumb”, would be laughing, intelligently repeating words and suddenly connected to life and a far more hopeful future.
     Mark Kraft remarked  that many of the children wore  their best clothes to the event so,  It didn’t go unnoticed when 14 year old Chun Zhang, the cute young lady pictured above, with a severe hearing loss just happened to be wearing an Ohio State t-shirt.  Mr. Bill Austin, C.E.O. and founder of Starkey Labs, is a Billionaire several times over.  That company donates all the hearing aids provided by the Starkey hearing foundation and he personally works harder and longer hours on each mission than his employees, sponsors or volunteers. Also, he insists on personally becoming involved with the many seemingly impossible to help hearing loss situations. His personal work ethic combined with his wealth and sincerity has, according to Nevins, become like a humble, Mother Theresa style example of care, concern and selflessness.  Austin’s humanitarian lifestyle has caught the eyes of the world and many of its leaders. He, along with his wife Tani’s self proclaimed mission … is to bring understanding between people through caring and sharing.  The Starkey Hearing Foundation has developed trust in many ways and it’s good deeds and donations of millions of hearing aids, serves as one of the “best” possible examples of what is right about America.  
     There may be things wrong in this world, said Nevins, but this mission proved an amazing mix of emotions as so many influential news people and leaders of this Communist country, like so many other countries, bore first hand witness to a phenomenal humanity, tolerance and respect for life. The great privilege of helping people in such a big way was made even better with a feeling that we were American ambassadors, serving in some small way as a catalyst for peace, understanding and mutual respect. Mr. Austin flew directly on to India for another 20 day mission, his wife Tanni flew on to Africa. Nevins is the founder of House of Hearing, an established family  firm based in Lancaster. His company was privileged to donate $30,000 as one of four primary sponsors for the China mission. For many years, his family has donated $25.00 for each hearing aid sold, in support of the Starkey Foundations work in America and Worldwide.
Veitnam 2006
James A. Nevins Vietnam 2005.