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Service on Hearing Aids/ Getting your Hearing Aid Repaired

At House of Hearing there is not much we can't do, when comes to Hearing aids and you're hearing healthcare. Anyone who has worn hearing aids or is wearing hearing aids knows accidents do happen, and hearing aids will more than likely need repaired from time to time. If you think about it, hearing aids are much like anything else that needs regular maintence, your car needs oil changes, tires, windshield wipers etc. Hearing aids need that same maintence, regularly. They need cleaned, tips and filters need changed, and they needed adjusted to your ever changing hearing. When something does go wrong, House of Hearing will be here to help. House of Hearing is one of the only hearing aid centers in Ohio, if not the only to do many in-office while-you-wait repairs. Because we've been around for so long we know a thing or two about getting the most for your money when it comes to getting those hearing aids back in working order. With multiple repair labs we can send hearing aids too we can offer the best price to get you hearing once a again. Please feel free to call if you have any questions regarding a repair need. Or an email from the where we are page.

Many repairs can be done rite at the office while you wait.
  • Most battery doors can be quickly replaced
  • Recievers for most RIC aids
  • Pulls strings for CIC aids
  • Tubes for BTE aids
  • MIcrophone covers are easily replaced
  • Removal of built up wax
  • Obstruction on microphones and Recievers 
  • Sercuring faceplates