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Types of Hearing Assisted Devices

Some people are born with hearing problems, so they require a device to assist them for their entire lives. Other people will develop issues later in life; so it is possible you may need one of these items yourself eventually. Numerous types of devices are available, and while they are all beneficial, it is important to learn about each one. 

Assistive Listening Device

This is basically an amplifier you put over your ear in order to listen more clearly. With this item, you can alter the noise to speech ratio. That means you can hone the device so that you can more easily understand the person you are speaking with without having to also hear all the background noise that might be going on. 

Different Types of Assistive Listening Devices

There are three ways ALDs can work. 
  • FM
  • Inductive loop
  • Infrared
FM devices utilize radio technology in order to hear better, and they are commonly used in classroom settings. Inductive loop devices use the electromagnetic field surrounding everybody. Infrared systems are reliant on light-based technologies. 
All these systems have their benefits, and you should speak with a professional to see which one is best for your needs. Being able to hear once again is a reality with a little assistance; call House of Hearing at 614-888-4327 to learn more.