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Tips on Caring for Your Hearing Aid

Choosing to wear a hearing aid can be a great improvement to your quality of life! But how do you make sure this device stays in good condition? There are a few things you can do everyday to ensure your hearing aid works and is comfortable for as long as possible.
Clean Regularly
One part that can get dirty is the earmold. This part is often easily removed and should only be cleaned with a mild soap solution. Make sure the earmold is dry before reattaching, but do not use a hot air dryer to do speed-up the process.
Avoid Water
You can use special storage containers to reduce moisture when your hearing aid is not in use. Make sure to remove the battery when you store your hearing aid, even if for a few hours.
Check Batteries
Since your batteries should last for one to two weeks, choose a day of the week to check your batteries. Keep some spares handy in case your battery dies while in use.
Your hearing aid is essential to hearing those sounds that are too soft for your ears to catch. When you take some extra care with your hearing aid, it will serve you for long. Call House of Hearing at 614-888-4327 to find out more about hearing aids and their care.