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The Importance of a Hearing Test

While many people recognize the importance of an annual physical exam, a hearing test is usually not on the once yearly to-do list of health checkpoints. However, scheduling regular hearing tests is just as important as the standard physical exam. Here are a few of the top reasons to go in for a hearing exam.
Ensure Productive Conversation
If you’ve noticed that it’s becoming a bit more difficult to engage in conversation due to hearing loss, it’s time to schedule an appointment for a hearing test. In fact, it’s wise to make your first appointment before you notice any problems with hearing. Whether you’re at work or socializing with friends, it’s helpful to be able to clearly hear the other side of the conversation so you can engage in productive, thoughtful discussions.
Catch Other Problems Early
In some cases, problems with hearing are a symptom of deeper underlying conditions. To keep a close eye on your health, make sure to meet with your ear doctor on a regular basis to monitor your hearing. Routinely scheduled hearing tests can be an important piece of the puzzle in keeping track of your overall health.
Keep Hearing Solutions Up to Date
Even if you’re already using a hearing aid that works well, you still need to meet with your doctor for a hearing test approximately once per year. The hearing aid that works for you right now might change over time. To schedule an appointment for a hearing exam, call House of Hearing at 614-888-4327.