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Can You Benefit From a Custom Earmold?

Wearing Earmold
Today, there are more potential dangers to your hearing than ever before. You may not realize it, but every time you put in a pair of headphones or go to a loud concert, you could be putting your hearing at risk.
But people who engage in certain hobbies or professions may be at greater risk of hearing loss. That's where a custom earmold can come to the rescue. You can create a custom set of earplugs designed to protect your hearing as much as possible. Here are some of the people who can benefit from custom earmold plugs and an overview of the benefits provided.

Protect From the Sound of Gunshots

Do you enjoy going on frequent hunting trips? Do you often head out to the local shooting range? If you frequently fire a gun, stop and consider just how close that gun is to your ears every single time that you fire it.
The sound of a gunshot is obviously way up there on the decibel chart. If you repeatedly subject your ears to round after round, your hearing undoubtedly suffers. A set of custom earmold plugs will help you keep out as much noise as possible.

Protect From the Sound of Music

Do you consider yourself to be a musician? Whether you're a professional or just someone who likes to let loose with their garage band on the weekends, you should know that every note of music could potentially be causing long-term hearing damage. This is especially true if you play or are near an especially loud instrument like an electric guitar or a set of drums.
Even if you don't play music yourself, you likely put in a pair of headphones every once in a while. Did you know you can get custom iPod headphones made that will offer at least some protection for your hearing, provided you aren't blasting the music too loud?

Protect From Water

Custom earmolds aren't just for individuals who are surrounded by loud noises. Earmolds can also help keep other unwanted things out of your ear, such as water. If you frequently find yourself doing laps in a pool, it might be worth it to make the investment. 
Pool water has all kinds of chemicals in it, and even then it still might be dirty. If you get the wrong combination of substances inside your ear, it could lead to an infection that could damage your hearing. A custom earmold will keep your ear dry until the end of your swimming session.

Protect Your Outer Ear and Canal

Every set of ears is a little bit different. A generic set of earplugs may keep some sound out, but it won't be a perfect fit because it hasn't been designed just for your ear.
A custom earmold works because it matches up exactly with both your outer ear and your inner ear canal. It essentially latches on and provides a complete seal in order to block as much sound or water as possible. It's far more effective than a regular set of earplugs and worth the investment.
More than 37 million Americans suffer from hearing loss and many of them don't even know it. If you engage in a hobby or profession wear you frequently encounter loud, consistent noise, you need to do what you can to protect yourself. A generic set of earplugs may provide some protection, but if you want to get serious about maintaining your hearing, a custom earmold is required.
At House of Hearing Inc., we have years of experience designing custom earmolds for people just like you. Contact us today to discuss your situation and maybe even schedule a hearing test while you're at it.